Far-infrared drying equipment

We focus on drastic reduction of drying cost and development of eco-friendly high-efficiency system,
future-oriented eco-friendly energy, and far-infrared drying equipment.

Product Introduction

Ortech drying equipment dries the paints after painting or moisture of agricultural and fishery products by far-infrared radiation heat radiated from a far-infrared electric heater installed inside the drying booth without using any oil boiler.

Product Features
  • 01
    High efficiency

    The far-infrared heater drying equipment transfers heat directly to the heated object to be almost 100% in heat efficiency compared to the indirect heating type that heats the air layer in the middle with a heat efficiency of only 30~40% level.

  • 02
    Low operating cost

    Operating cost is low due to high heat efficiency and maintenance is simple and easy.

  • 03

    The risk of fire is low because the temperature control is easy relative to hot-air drying by indirect heating. Also, safe thanks to own safety device and sensing device.

  • 04
    Comfortable to be good for health

    Safe because the far-infrared ray, which is not harmful to human body, is used and convection, radiation, and conduction work together, so there is no excessive drying to make the interior space pleasant and comfortable.

  • 05
    Eco-friendly, no pollution

    Not using oil, it is an environment-friendly drying system to have pleasant and comfortable indoor air because it does not emit harmful gases such as CO2 and does not smell.

  • 06
    Uniform paint and moisture drying

    Indirectly heated drying equipment has an inconsistent temperature in the painting booth. Therefore, there is no uniform drying in the automotive paintwork. However, the far-infrared paint drying equipment is of a direct heating type and of a radiation type, so uniform paint drying is available.

Types of Products
  • 방폭형T1등급(시즈히터)Explosion-proof type (T1 class)(Sheath heater)
  • 방폭형T2등급(시즈히터)Explosion-proof type (T2 class)(Sheath heater)
  • 일반형(세라믹히터)Conventional type (Ceramic heater)
  • 일반형(카본히터)Conventional type (Carbon heater)
  • 콘트롤박스Control box
Drying type comparison
Details / Type Hot air drying type (Existing) Far-infrared ray radiation heat type
How it works The air heated by an oil boiler is infused inside the booth so that its convection around the painted body surface may dry it. Following the principle of nuclear magnetic resonance using far-infrared radiation heat, self-heating and drying effects simultaneous temperature rise inside and outside the body.
Combustion by oil Far-infrared radiation heat is generated using electricity
Cost of using for 1 month 2,311,750 KRW (5 hrs/day*25 days)
with unit price: 1,321 KRW/ℓ
222,750 KRW (5 hrs/day*25 days)
Electrical expense: 81 KRW/KWH
Environmental issues Danger of using oil, harmful gas generated when burned Safe in use, no pollution, eco-friendly
Quality difference Dust or powdery dust generated by forced circulation and convection makes the surface treatment hard. good painting surface due to generation of radiation heat like a light with no air movement
Operational use Breakdown of combustion burner, danger of overheat and fire, stoppage due to no fuel supply, heat loss due to burden of heating the whole booth Operation is simply done by controller. Efficient operation with uniform heating is possible.
Future prospect Financial burden due to high oil prices, VOC- and THC-based burden Most suitable for drying water-soluble paints in the hybrid era.
How drying works

In the far infrared drying the heat, as a radiation energy, reaches the heated object in a straight line like a electromagnetic wave while having a little heat loss and the temperature of the organic material rises both inside and outside at the same time to have a high drying efficiency and dry in a shorter time.

Comparison of energy consumption
Energy consumption Quantity/Unit Unit price Amount Remarks
OR-2007A (T1) 32/Kw 81KRW 2,592KRW excluding basic electric bill
OR-2019A (T2) 22/Kw 81KRW 1,782KRW excluding basic electric bill
OR-2005A(Conventional type) 30.6/Kw 81KRW 2,478KRW excluding basic electric bill
Hot air type(Kerosine) 12~16/ℓ 1,321KRW 18,494KRW excluding motor electric bill
Hot air type(LNG) 8~20/㎥ 750KRW 10,500KRW excluding motor electric bill
Hot air type(LPG) 8~18/Kg 1,831KRW 23,803KRW excluding motor electric bill
Comparison of quality performance
Performance/Type Hot air drying Far-infrared drying
LU (Luster) 47.3 54.7
SU (Sharpness) 59.7 65.6
OP (Orange Peel) 47.8 57.6
CF(Total point) 51.9 59.5

[Measuring instrument: Wave Scan DIO (BYK Co.)]

DIO : Distinctness of image

Item Unit Test method Result
Hot air drying Far-infrared drying
Pencil hardness - KS D
5B 4B
Luster - KS D
95 96

[Measured in Korea Testing & Research Institute]

Variation in oil prices and electricity prices
Item 2001 2002 2005 2009 2010 2018 Rise rate
International oil prices 22$ 26$ 49$ 78$ 85$ 85$ 286%
Kerosine prices 644 772 1,079 1,397 1,451 1,400 117%
LPG (Propane Kg) 918 980 1,131 1,577 1,808 1,831 99%
LNG (City gas) 354 376 435 657 694 850 140%
Electricity prices (industrial use) 52 52 53 56 56 81 55%

[Unit / KRW]