Far-infrared paint drying equipment for industrial

We focus on drastic reduction of drying cost and development of eco-friendly high-efficiency system,
future-oriented eco-friendly energy, and far-infrared drying equipment.

Installation of products
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Product Features
  • 01
    Drying equipment for industrial use

    Industrial drying equipment for auto parts, Lumber, Metal coating on plastic, Jersey, Textile, Paint

  • 02
    Possible to replace with far-infrared drying equipment

    Far-infrared drying can replace existing hot air drying, which uses kerosine.

  • 03
    High efficiency

    Eco-friendly high-efficiency drying equipment capable of drastically reducing energy cost

  • 04

    All products are custom manufactured and installed to match customer’s industrial environment.

Patent Certificates
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  • Ks 안전 인증서(T1 등급)Ks Safety Certificate (T1 class)
  • Ks 안전 인증서(T2 등급)Ks Safety Certificate (T2 class)