Stationary type (conventional type)

We focus on drastic reduction of drying cost and development of eco-friendly high-efficiency system,
future-oriented eco-friendly energy, and far-infrared drying equipment.

Introduction to Products

System for drying the paint in heat-treating or drying process after painting or for drying the moisture of agricultural and fishery products with far-infrared radiation heat emitted by an electric far-infrared electric heater installed inside the drying booth without using oil boilers

Product types
  • 일반형(카본히터)conventional type (carbon heater)
  • 일반형(세라믹히터)conventional type (ceramic heater)
installation examples
  • 일반형(카본히터) 시공사례installation examples of conventional type (carbon heater)
  • 일반형(카본히터) 시공사례installation examples of conventional type (carbon heater)
  • 일반형(카본히터) 시공사례installation examples of conventional type (carbon heater)
Product Features
  • 01
    High efficiency

    The far-infrared heater drying equipment transfers heat directly to the heated object to be almost 100% in heat efficiency compared to the indirect heating type that heats the air layer in the middle with a heat efficiency of only 30~40% level.

  • 02
    Low operating cost

    Operating cost is low due to high heat efficiency and maintenance is simple and easy.

  • 03

    The risk of fire is low because the temperature control is easy relative to hot-air drying by indirect heating. Also, safe thanks to own safety device and sensing device.

  • 04
    Comfortable to be good for health

    Safe because the far-infrared ray, which is not harmful to human body, is used and convection, radiation, and conduction work together, so there is no excessive drying to make the interior space pleasant and comfortable.

  • 05
    Eco-friendly, no pollution

    Not using oil, it is an environment-friendly drying system to have pleasant and comfortable indoor air because it does not emit harmful gases such as CO2 and does not smell.

  • 06
    Uniform paint and moisture drying

    Indirectly heated drying equipment has an inconsistent temperature in the painting booth. Therefore, there is no uniform drying in the automotive paintwork. However, the far-infrared paint drying equipment is of a direct heating type and of a radiation type, so uniform paint drying is available.